Basically what you are trying to do, as I read in your post because I don't know you, is to create a thought-form/Egregore/tulpa through the possibility that the internet offers to create a communication network that can potentially cover the whole planet. This board is not the first to try, I have records of other similar phenomena that date from 10 years ago. The problem with this, and the reason I've seen these ideas derail, is the injection of malicious code and how people allow others to do that injection. This is due, in large part, to the fact that the people we are attracted to by this kind of projects, have parts related to willpower not properly formed, so we are influenced in critical points that are easily exploitable by third parties that may or may not be part of the project itself. The most famous case is Ellis' sigil, whose sign was literally hijacked by the own organization which created it, in order to channel their petty desires. A more recent case is systemspace, where a man created a ponzi scheme based on the image of Lain Iwakura, relating it to a hyperstition of his own authorship. People died of irresponsibility. When you are part of these projects, you are under someone else's responsibility and someone depends on you as well. You are an entry and exit point for a group of people. That is why it is so important and valuable to base these systems on love and empathy. You are helping another, but the problem is that based on anonymity and privacy everything becomes diffuse, you begin to receive information from different parts and you become visible to others who have no relation to the infrastructure of which you are part, as if this kind of networks started to coexist with others (Hyperspace?).