Anonymous 08/22/19(Thu)17:09:16 No.13685761

I swear to the Dark Lords that at the end of the day is all about the following. To realize that the global working class (us) has no power over the economic, political, military and ethnic choices of the planet. The only redoubt left is the human body, hence the phenomenon known as gender identity. The planet, as a natural environment, is going to shit thanks to the prevailing model. If you don't want to use the word technocapital, then I don't know in which direction you're looking. We are playing to shoot ourselves from one side to the other of the swamp while garbage time is running out. The elites are going to Mars crowned as gods of a new Epoch, leaving the planet and his mutts (us) in flames just as the amazons are burning while you read my words. The Christians are going to have a strong international discussion about whether or not raising consciousness to the Neuralink cloud is theologically valid or if such process castrates the possibility of ontological salvation. The intelligence community is really going to upgrade paranoia during the next 100 years. Hyperspace and cyberspace are going to be one. I'm inclined to read Land's ideas about the future not because he wants the dystopias he projects, he just does that, he's predicting, crushing number about where the species is going. The son of a bitch you have to point the finger at is Plinker and all the fuckers like him, with their models of human instrumentation that people like Epstein, those who are really in power, are following. The twitter boomer who wrote Meltdown while having a vision of the future in the 90s and all the CCRU members are literally just the mailman from that movie with Kevin Costner in the lead. The rest is cyberpunk poetry and I love it today. I'm living one day at the time now. Honestly I don't know what else to do besides sleep, going to work, playing videogames and masturbate for two hours watching Pixiv because god has forsaken us and there's nothing I can do about nothing that's happening in the planet and humanity.

Tue Aug 20 23:11:41 2019 No.13676152

I understand where are you going. The only thing that exists about that matter is Unchaining The Numogram. And it's not a fucking book either. Is a handbook to play that infernal Jumanji that the CCRU created in the 80s. The DMs from /tg/ I assure 100% that they would eat that book alive. And the entire numogram system for that matter. There are homebrews made for actual commites of schizophrenics, professional fetishists, evil rhyme goblins and tengus. Yes, NL and the Warwick Boys discovered and theorized about hyperstitions, but Traditional Games surf that ocean from before fucking time.

Azuma 2019/09/04 (Wed) 20:43:26

Neochina's control apparatus is highly mythologized, so it is as impressive to see how people are operating, they are on the streets as in the Taimanin Square protests. There are many echoes about this period. The problem is that sino-intelligence is not like it was 30 years ago. They operate as quietly as possible, taking names and faces in the dark, the times of the tanks have passed, but not the iron fist in the streets, which seems as healthy as in their youth and more intelligent. What worries me is what will happen once the media frenzy dies and the HK news is pushed more and more to the back pages, with people already identified and individualized by the central government.